Stress- und Gesundheitsmanagement à la Yin Yang You

Reviews from my wonderful clients.

I highly recommend Petra Segger as a Qigong practitioner. Her corporate background gives her relatable insight into work related stress and helps her connect deeply with patients. She explains complex concepts clearly, making them easy to grasp.

She created a special joint session for my spouse and me, addressing our individual concerns holistically. Her comprehensive approach treats the entire person—physically, emotionally, and mentally.

An exceptional experience!

Bewertungen Alexandra

Project Manager
Supply Chain

Germany, Düsseldorf

As a full-time manager and mother of two children, stress is a constant companion. That's why I was so grateful to have discovered Petra's workshop “Stop Thinking – Just Relax”. It provided a unique and much-needed opportunity to unwind.

Petra's techniques were highly effective and easy to learn, even for someone like me who struggles to switch off. The time flew by as I learned to manage my stress and cultivate a sense of calm.

If you're feeling overwhelmed, I highly recommend this workshop. It's a fantastic way to de-stress and recharge.

Bewertungen Alexandra

Senior Program Manager

Germany, Düsseldorf

Petra Segger is an extremely competent and sensitive vital substances and nutrition consultant who stands out through the combination with medical QiGong and has thus specialized. I had the pleasure of attending one of her workshops and was impressed by her professionalism and extensive knowledge.

Ms. Segger not only teaches QiGong exercises, but also the basics of medical Qigong in an understandable way. She responds individually to the needs of each participant. And your calm and positive charisma creates a pleasant atmosphere in which you immediately feel comfortable and are open to new experiences.

Overall, I can highly recommend Petra as a health and nutrition coach. Her specialist knowledge, empathy and passion for QiGong make her an outstanding expert in her field. I'm looking forward to more workshops with her!

Bewertungen Alexandra

Michael Reimer

Management-R-H-M-D- Reimer

Germany, Düsseldorf

It was an absolute pleasure working with Petra on my journey to holistic health and meditation. Petra's expertise and passion for wellness is truly unparalleled. She brings a deep understanding of holistic practices combined with practical strategies tailored to individual needs, making each session insightful and deeply beneficial.

Petra's approach is both compassionate and empowering, promoting personal growth and self-care . Her commitment to her clients' well-being and her ability to make complex concepts accessible are commendable. Thanks to her guidance, I have noticed significant improvements in my overall health and my ability to manage stress.

I would highly recommend Petra to anyone looking to increase their well-being through holistic health and meditation. Her professionalism, coupled with her warm and committed personality, make her an outstanding person in her field. Petra is without a doubt the best in her field and an invaluable resource for her clients.

Bewertungen Alexandra

Founder AI Business Dynamics | Executive AI Leadership Coach

Italien, Treviso

Thank you, Petra, for this wonderful, meditative journey! My heart was very light and buoyant and fulfilled my wish 100%. I felt so light and with a smile inside and out. This feeling helps me to make right decisions. Just great!

Bewertungen Alexandra

Andrea Reverchon

Qigongtrainer and -therapist

Deutschland, Bad Aibling

I highly recommend Petra's meditation sessions to anyone looking to find a moment of calm in their busy lives.

Not only did the meditation session lessen my stress, but it also left me feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Thank you, Petra, for helping me discover the power of Yin Yang You meditation and its profound impact on my stress level.

Bewertungen Alexandra

Risk Analyst

Germany, Düsseldorf

I am pleased to write about my most recent Hun Yuan Qi therapy experience with Petra Segger. I met Petra for the session online as I live in the United States. My intention for the Hun Yuan Qi therapy session was to help me shift a mental perception that was no longer serving me. I called the shift I was seeking, “A journey without distance”.
I was actively working on my journey for about 4 weeks without significant change. During my initial session with Petra, I felt a shift and release of the thought pattern that was holding me back. Increased insight and ability to change the mental habits that were holding me back has been helpful beyond words!
Petra assisted me with what I was not able to do on my own.
She’s a very capable Hun Yuan Qi Therapist who has helped me numerous times in the past few years. I am grateful to Petra for her knowledge and practice.
I trust you will also experience progress in your growth journey when working with, Petra.

Joan Meier

Certified Hun Yuan Qi Therapist

Maryville, Illinois USA

I am very pleased to write a recommendation for Petra Segger, a top health expert specializing in medical Qigong. I had the privilege of witnessing Petra in action and I can confidently attest to her outstanding contributions to healthcare management and leadership at a global level. Petra is not only a practitioner, but also a passionate advocate for workplace health.

What really sets Petra apart is that she is an absolute joy to work with! Her smile is contagious, her commitment is unwavering, and she has a natural ability to inspire those around her - undoubtedly having a lasting and positive impact on our world. It’s rare to see someone with Petra’s gift – an intersection between health and corporate well-being. I wholeheartedly recommend Petra to any organization, professional or individual looking to improve their well-being. Her expertise and passion are truly exceptional.

Bewertungen Alexandra

CEO of McDermott Leadership and Pen Crown Publishing

USA, Californien, Los Angeles

Petra is exceptionally caring and has a deep understanding of the practice of Qi Gong. She guided us through the meditation sessions with such expertise, making the experience both relaxing and insightful.

The location and natural surroundings also provided the perfect setting for meditation. I highly recommend these sessions to anyone interested in exploring this practice or improving their overall health and well-being.

It's an ideal way to foster mindfulness and inner peace in a supportive and tranquil environment.

Bewertungen Alexandra

Elvetia P.


Germany, Düsseldorf

Extraordinary, individual meditations! I always feel a deep inner peace and balance. Not just during meditation, but also afterwards. Thank you, Petra!
I'm already looking forward to the next time!

Bewertungen Alexandra

Frank Schulz

Publicist and Editor of Business Media

Germany, Düsseldorf

Petra helped me during a time that was characterized by bullying and exhaustion. The conversations, meditations and exercises that we conducted over several weeks helped me to find my center again and showed me that a positive mindset has a very strong influence on life.
I can warmly recommend Petra Segger to everyone!

Bewertungen Alexandra




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